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5 Ways Companies are Wasting Money on IT Data Management

Feb 09, 2021

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Do you feel hamstrung to reactive and wasteful decision making? While every business is guilty of wasting at least some time and money, there are plenty of opportunities to improve efficiency and cut costs. Visual One helps IT leaders move away from disparate tools, manual processes, and reactive decision making. Stop letting a lack of data transparency bog down your team. With a single pane view and reliable insights, every company has a chance to adapt and evolve, saving time, reducing costs, and improving efficiency. Here are the most significant ways companies are wasting money on IT data management and how to resolve them.

#1 – Using High-Level Employees to Perform Mundane Tasks

Are your highest-paid employees wasting their days performing time-consuming manual processes? Free up these high-level employees to do more important tasks, like focusing on more revenue-generating activity. One of the leading ways to lower your labor costs is through automation. Visual One helps IT leaders better utilize employees and move away from those time-consuming manual processes and instead provides them with superior visibility into their data management across the enterprise.

With Visual One, everything is on an automated schedule, monitoring your data storage infrastructure, running reports, forecasting outcomes, improving performance, and avoiding outages. Beyond freeing IT staff from hours and days of frustrating data collection, this superior data visibility also drives efficiency, as IT leaders are able to plan ahead and improve budgeting accuracy.

#2 – Spending Too Much Time in Reactive Mode

Stop letting every problem feel like a red alert. When you’re constantly stuck in a reactive mode, you’re spending the majority of your time on threats and risks instead of focusing on growth and opportunities. Always reactive to the past rather than anticipating the future leaves you vulnerable to monetary waste and frustration. Instead, let Visual One help you eliminate problems before they have a chance to appear.

IT leaders can think of Visual One as someone watching out for them. Visual One not only delivers cohesive, reliable data delivered in a single pane view but also notifies you regarding the health of your infrastructure. You’ll receive an alert, an email, if something is wrong or needs your attention. Having someone help you stay on top of your infrastructure, getting essential insights needed in minutes rather than days, allows IT leaders to track growth trends and negotiate new storage purchases while avoiding any unnecessary, reactive purchases.

#3 – Paying for Competing Tools

Are your employees spending too much time switching between tools trying to find the information they’re looking for? While the right tools can help you get the job done more quickly and efficiently, too many tools, or competing tools, are just wasting money and time. It might be time to reevaluate the tools your business is using.

Imagine looking at a photo of a mountain. What do you see? Obviously, the mountain. But what are you missing? What you don’t see is the bear inside the mountain. Is your data only showing you the mountain, but it’s missing what’s happening on a deeper level? Too many native vendor tools need consistent monitoring and a devoted employee to watch the tool, and even then, far too often, they still miss the bear and only show you the mountain.

Not only is Visual One simplicity, but Visual One shows you the bear, that deeper level, so you don’t miss anything. Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be. Save money and consolidate multiple tools into one with Visual One.

#4 – Not Reallocating Orphaned Space

Buying things you don’t need is a guaranteed way to waste money. And buying unnecessary storage happens more often than you might realize due to orphan storage. Do you think you have less storage than you actually do? Maybe you had storage assigned to a particular project that was later canceled, and so that storage was never used. But if that storage was never reclaimed, then it might continue to show up as ‘allocated’ even if it was actually available.

One of the key pieces of information that Visual One provides to IT leaders is the amount of Orphaned Space contained in each storage array. In just a few minutes, Visual One can help you identify available space, avoid wasting money on new storage and extend the life of your current data capabilities.

#5 – Overspending on Maintenance Renewal

What happens when the warranty on your storage or servers is about to end? You could renew your warranty or purchase new, but both of these options are incredibly expensive. Instead, you could save 50% or more on maintenance renewal costs with Visual One. Not only will Visual One save you money, but you will also get a better, more complete view of your multi-vendor storage environment.

At Visual One, we know the challenges facing IT leaders. That’s why we help by providing superior visibility into data management systems across the enterprise. Working together, IT leaders can avoid the monetary waste, frustration, and vulnerability that comes from depending on incomplete data. Visual One gives IT leaders cohesive, reliable data so they can provide IT excellence to their organizations. Schedule a demo to talk to a Visual One data expert.

Key Takeaways

  • See the most significant ways companies are wasting money on IT data management and how to resolve them.
  • Visual One helps IT leaders move away from disparate tools, manual processes, and reactive decision making.
  • Visual One helps IT leaders be proactive, better utilizing employees, and notifying you regarding the health of your infrastructure.
  • Visual One provides IT leaders with cohesive, reliable data in a single pane view.