Cut Cloud Waste by 30%

Visual One Intelligence’s™ cloud cost monitoring & optimization provides what you need to maintain cost-effective cloud environments with no surprises.

Cut Cloud Waste by 30%: Visual One Intelligence’s™ cloud cost monitoring & optimization provides the usage, cost, and forecasting data you need to maintain cost-effective cloud environments with no surprises.

Unify observability

Take Control of Cloud Spending

Visual Cloud Intelligence – our cloud cost management & optimization tool – tracks and forecasts your cloud resources, warning you about changes in utilization, capacity, and spending trends while helping you plan for future cloud usage.

The result? Fewer budget surprises, leaner cloud contracts, and stronger cloud ROI.

Maximize Cloud ROI

The whole point of cloud migration is to save money. So why are so many organizations spending more in the cloud?

We show how much any given resource costs you and compare it to the cost of moving to a different cloud or storage provider & tier. Then you can use our cost analyses, spending heat maps, and workload optimization AI to see how to make your architecture as efficient as possible.

Stop Overspending in the Cloud

Tired of emergency capacity increases that blow up your cloud budget? What about SLAs that get suspiciously costlier each renewal cycle?

Cloud forecasting tracks growth and anticipates future spending, predict when you will (and won’t) need more space, alerts you to sudden utilization increases, and arms you with the knowledge you need to optimize contract terms.

Follow the Money

Ever been surprised to find out how high a cloud bill is – long after you’ve paid?

We make sure that doesn’t happen. Stay ahead with cloud heat maps that alert you to spikes in cloud spending and usage.

Then check on cloud forecasting, growth trends, cost comparisons, and more.

Visual Cloud Intelligence FAQs

Yes! With a standard subscription you have full, 24/7 data collection and reports – including all of our data migration and cloud analyses and insights.

If a standard Visual One Intelligence™ subscription isn’t the right fit for you, Visual Cloud Intelligence is available as a stand-alone offering dedicated solely to reporting in cloud environments.

Either way, you can try us out free for 30 days.

Visual One Intelligence™ provides numerous reports that give you important insights before, during, and after the cloud migration process such as:

  • How much money can I save by moving a device to the cloud?
  • Which data should I move to which cloud tiers?
  • Am I at risk of overprovisioning cloud storage?
  • What can I reallocate to prevent overprovisioning cloud storage?
  • How can I right-size my workloads and do cloud capacity planning?
  • How does my cloud storage impact the rest of my storage infrastructure?

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