Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Visual One Intelligence™ or enterprise infrastructure management? You’re not alone!

Take a look at some common questions and answers below, or send us a note – we’ll get back to you quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some common questions and answers below, or send us a note – we’ll get back to you quickly.

Visual One Intelligence™ FAQs

Product Overview

Visual One Intelligence™ is a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) product used by infrastructure professionals in midsize and enterprise companies – including cloud, compute, and storage professionals – as well as IT infrastructure managed service providers.

Broadly categorized as an Infrastructure Monitoring platform, Visual One Intelligence™ works differently from traditional monitoring tools. By unifying multi-vendor cloud, virtualization, and storage data in a single platform, Visual One automatically analyzes and interprets infrastructure data at both granular and big-picture levels to discover risks, recommend improvements, and provide deep insights that enhance overall efficiency and ROI in your infrastructure.

These insights are accessible 24/7 via a simplified client dashboard that features over __ out-of-the-box reports and corresponding graphics – no complicated onboarding or designing required. Additionally, our predictive AI sends weekly efficiency reports straight to your inbox. Using anomaly detection, root-cause analysis, risk assessments, and other analytic operations, these reports summarize any new risks, problems, inefficiencies, and opportunities in your infrastructure. 

From day one, your team can immediately access and understand everything Visual One has to offer.

Using agentless data collectors, Visual One Intelligence™ collects data from all physical, virtual, and cloud storage devices. Visual One then transfers the data to a secure private cloud, where it is sorted and processed. Data is then made accessible to clients through the 24/7 client dashboard, downloadable reports, and emailed weekly efficiency reports.

Visual One Intelligence™ is designed for infrastructure administrators, architects, engineers, and directors – as well as IT executives – encompassing cloud, virtualization / VMware, storage, SAN, and/or anyone else working infrastructure roles at mid-size or enterprise organizations.

Visual One Intelligence™ is also a great fit for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who are looking for simplified ways to manage their clients’ environments.

See for yourself how we can help make your job easier!

Visual One Intelligence™ monitors all throughout hybrid and multi-vendor infrastructures. Specifically, Visual One consists of five different products:

  • Visual Storage Intelligence
  • Visual Cloud Intelligence
  • Visual VM Intelligence
  • Visual SAN Intelligence
  • Visual File Intelligence

These five products combine to form a single platform and single view of your infrastructure (although each product is available individually “a la carte” if desired). 

In addition, container / Kubernetes & database reporting will be included in future releases.

Currently, Visual One is compatible with devices across more than 18 storage, cloud, and compute vendors including:

  • Cohesity
  • Commvault
  • Dell EMC
  • Hitachi Vantara
  • HPE
  • IBM
  • Infinidat
  • NetApp
  • Nutanix
  • Oracle
  • Pure Storage
  • Qumulo
  • Rubrik
  • Tintri
  • Veeam
  • VMware
  • Brocade & Cisco
  • AWS & Azure

When requested, Visual One can typically add new device compatibility in as little as two weeks.

Visual One also features integration with ServiceNow to facilitate immediate ticket entries based on specific alerts identified by Visual One.

Wondering if we support a device that’s not listed? Have a request for a device or new feature? Let us know here.

Visual One Intelligence™ provides over 65 kinds of reports across your storage environment, encompassing on-prem, virtual, cloud, and hyperconverged devices and environments.

Reports include charts, graphs, sortable spreadsheet lists, and other data points encompassing:

  • Capacity planning, performance / utilization trends over time, and forecasting;
  • Automated risk discovery, root-cause analysis, anomaly detection, and health assessments;
  • Monitoring for over 100 best practice alerts & errors;
  • Recommended remediation steps to prevent risks and address active errors;
  • Identification of wasted space & opportunities to improve architecture efficiency & ROI;
  • Preparation & optimization for data migrations;
  • Cloud spending heat maps, trends, forecast, and optimization;
  • Chargeback and showback reporting;
  • SAN switch monitoring, topology, and capacity planning; 
  • File & unstructured data analysis;
  • Plus much more

Most likely, yes! We work through Omnia Partners to contract with eligible state, government, and education organizations.

Visit Omnia Partners’ website or contact us to learn more.

Security / Privacy

Using agentless data collectors, Visual One Intelligence™ collects data from all physical, virtual, and cloud storage devices. Visual One then transfers the data to a secure private cloud, where it is sorted and processed. Data is then made accessible to clients through their client dashboard, downloadable reports, and emailed weekly efficiency reports. All authentication is encrypted and stored on your VM and never leaves that location.

Visual One Intelligence is compliant with SOC 2 Type II standards and successfully completed a SOC 2 Type II audit in 2024.

The Visual One platform undergoes annual penetration testing. Regular security vulnerability scans, code security scans, and additional safeguard testing happens regularly in accordance with SOC 2 compliance.

Visual One’s best practices dictate that the Collector be provided the least possible privileges to gather instrumentation for any given device; typically, read-only rights are sufficient. Access configuration for each device is entirely within our customers’ control.

Visual One uses encryption when transmitting and receiving data from clients and has implemented encryption-at-rest controls where customer data is stored. Databases where customer data is stored are also encrypted.

Data at Visual One is restricted from access by non-authorized personnel. All data access is logged and monitored. The Visual One platform uses passwordless authentication and can support Single-Sign On (SSO) if required.

Customer data is retained as long as the customer account is in an active state. Visual One follows the guidelines from the client’s contract regarding data retention for application data. If no terms are set in the customer contract, Visual One will delete the customer data within 90 days of the account being closed, or sooner if requested by the customer.

Prior to deleting the data, Visual One will notify the customer and offer to transfer an archive of the data to the customer.

As a service targeted at IT observability, Visual One is not intended to store personal data. Incidental collection of personal information may be required for the purposes of user authentication, report delivery, customer support, and auditing. These elements are considered confidential to our customers and handled accordingly.

These elements are owned and controlled solely by the customer and are never shared with other organizations. We operate Visual One in compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). A full privacy policy is available here.

Set-Up & Technical Information

Setting up Visual One Intelligence™ is simple and usually takes 1-2 hours. All that is needed is a data collection set up call with a Visual One Intelligence™ consultant, plus CLI or REST API access for data collection purposes.

That means you can set up a 30-day free trial in less than a day!

No. Because Visual One Intelligence is only collecting data from your configuration files, your data applications will not experience any performance impact.

Supported browers include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS)

Capacity Planning as a Service is an add-on service available as a compliment to Visual One Intelligence™ (but can also be purchased without a Visual One Intelligence™ subscription). 

CPaaS combines the powerful analytics of Visual One Intelligence™ with personal consulting from a capacity planning expert, providing insights and recommendations to give you full control of your capacity and performance management in cloud, VMware, virtual, and storage environments.

Perfect for improving OpEx and cloud / storage contracts, CPaaS takes the responsibility of data collection and interpretation off your own shoulders. Just leave it to us! Our expert consultants will collect all the data you need and provide analysis and recommendations year-round.

With Capacity Planning as a Service, you’ll receive:

  • data collection and analysis from a dedicated expert consultant
  • monthly calls and reviews
  • quarterly enterprise capacity planning reports
  • purchasing recommendations
  • workload placement recommendations
  • capacity and performance forecasting models
  • data migration cost-savings analysis
  • and more.

Get started today!

Yes; you can subscribe to Capacity Planning as a Service on a stand-alone basis, or you can easily pair it with Visual One Intelligence™ for maximum impact. A standard Visual One Intelligence™ subscription does not automatically include Capacity Planning as a Service.


“The tool is very stable, and Visual One Intelligence works closely with us to integrate new technology. They perform an analysis on our data and send us a weekly email that details out what trends and issues that we should focus on. “

How Businesses Use Visual One Intelligence®

Storage visibility can help detect ransomware

Our Unified Visibility Detected Hidden Signs of Potential Ransomware

Daily Health Alerts

Our Virtual Assistant Reduced Capacity Ticket Submissions by 98%

Detailed capacity planning

Detailed Capacity Planning Prevented a $1M Purchase | Fortune 500 Transportation Company


“Capacity Planning Automation Reduced Our Reporting Time by 50%” | Fortune 500 Financial Institution


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