Compute Optimization

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Visual VM Intelligence

Right-Size Workloads, Cut Costs: We make it easy to maintain and optimize your virtualized or hyperconverged infrastructure.

Rest Easy with Reallocation Recommendations

Our proprietary capacity scores warn you when a resource is imbalanced. We make it easy to right-size workloads with exact recommendations for adding (or subtracting) CPU, memory, and disk resources.

Prioritize Business Value

Capacity & performance forecasting let you anticipate and plan around future growth. Combined with chargeback / showback tools and cost analysis that calculates total waste, you can improve your costs and document them for management.

Explore Alternatives & Migrate Workloads

Our cost comparison tools let you see what an active workload would cost on a different platform, and our migration modeler makes it easy to visualize (and fix) the performance impacts of migrations before you migrate.

Maintain Excellent Performance

Prevent performance errors, wasted space, misconfigurations, and more with preventative health alerts and ServiceNow integration for immediate action.

Weekly Analysis & Alerts

Predictive AI delivers a full efficiency report to your inbox each week, highlighting:

  • Alerts & misconfigurations
  • Unbalanced workloads
  • Workloads needing additional capacity
  • Cost optimization recommendations

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Reduce storage costs

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Compute Reporting FAQs

Yes! With a standard subscription you have full, 24/7 VMware compute data collection and reporting – including all of our reports, dashboards, and virtual assistant insights.

If a standard Visual One Intelligence™ subscription isn’t the right fit for you, Visual VM Intelligence is available as a stand-alone offering dedicated solely to reporting in virtualization environments.

Either way, you can try us out free for 30 days.

Our single-pane-of-glass reporting gives access to crucial compute visibility in three clicks or less. For IT storage & cloud teams, this can have many impacts including:

  • Helping evaluate VMware alternatives
  • Planning workload migrations
  • Optimizing performance
  • Comparing workload costs on other platforms
  • Evaluating waste within workloads and right-sizing workloads
  • Choosing which workloads to migrate based on performance needs & cost
  • Finding hidden misconfigurations and preventing outages or performance errors
  • Capacity planning with enhanced accuracy
  • Easily finding and correcting unbalanced clusters and VMs
  • Forecasting the impact of future changes on capacity & performance
  • Replacing VMware Aria Operations (vROps)
  • Finding “zombie VMDKs” resulting in additional free storage space

We report on VMware capacity, health, utilization, and more – at multiple levels (including, datastore, host, cluster, and VM):

  • Days remaining until capacity is reached
  • Capacity & performance trend reports
  • Capacity & performance forecasting
  • Proprietary capacity scores
  • Unbalanced workloads alerts
  • Balancing recommendations (CPU / memory / disk)
  • Cost comparisons by workload (on-prem cost vs. cloud cost)
  • Money wasted / money saved cost analysis per workload
  • Over-allocation alerts
  • Over-utilization alerts
  • Misconfigurations

Visual One Intelligence is compatible with on-prem storage, backup, SAN, cloud, compute, HCI, containers, databases, and more. From a compute and virtualization perspective, that includes:

  • VMware
  • Nutanix
  • Tintri
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • …and more.

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