Visual One Improves IT Relationships by Providing an Independent Source of Truth


“Capacity Planning Automation Reduced Our Reporting Time by 50%” | Fortune 500 Financial Institution


“We finally KNEW exactly what was going on in our environment at all times. Now when the customer asks us to show them something, it’s easy to prove what we’re doing.”

– ICS Delivery Director,
Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

The Problem

Limited Infrastructure Visibility Creates Tension on Staff & With Clients

An outsourcer managing the infrastructure for one of America’s largest healthcare companies needed better data.

Despite spending millions on storage resource management (SRM) tools and hiring a dedicated specialist to manage those tools, they lacked basic insights into their infrastructure. For example, they could not identify the cost of applications on their platform, and they had trouble deciding when to move storage to new tiers.

Tensions grew between departments as they struggled to prove their efforts without hard data. It was also hard to build trust with their client, who expected proof of results.

The Outcome

Total Visibility & an Independent Source of Truth

For the team director, a strong demo convinced him to try Visual One Intelligence. “To see a demo that used our own data, instead of being rehearsed, was powerful.”

He was most impressed that their entire storage environment could be visualized on one screen. Besides collecting all the data and putting it in one place, Visual One Intelligence’s dashboard displays data in customizable and easy-to-understand ways, including graphs and charts.

“Seeing is more impactful than looking at numbers. Visual One Intelligence is infinitely customizable without much effort.”

The Impact

Honest & Productive Relationships (Plus $1.5 Million Saved)

With Visual One Intelligence providing immediate data as an “independent source of truth,” relationships between teams became honest and productive – with less finger-pointing and more focus on solutions for the customer.

As customer and employee relations improved, so did the organization’s bottom line. With Visual One Intelligence, they saved $1.5 million in SRM tools.

And because Visual One Intelligence is so easy to use, they could re-assign their on-staff SRM specialist to focus on revenue-generating roles.

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