Hidden Signs of Potential Ransomware Detected with Visual One’s Predictive Monitoring

Early ransomware warning signs detectable by Visual One Intelligence

Early ransomware warning signs detected by client’s other tools

Potential ransomware incident flagged and addressed early

Ransomware leaves a specific trail within storage data – although few storage monitoring tools know how to look for it.

With Visual One Intelligence, this company found early warning signs they otherwise would have missed, enabling them to get ahead of a potential incident.

The average ransomware attack cost over $1 million in 2023.

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Storage administrators are increasingly responsible for multiple security objectives.

An estimated 66% of organizations experienced an attack in 2023.

Ransomware cyberattacks are on the rise, with thousands of companies being targeted each year – making them the fastest-growing cybercrime threat for businesses. 

These threats are hard to detect. Too often, companies are blindsided and discover they are under attack when it is too late to defend themselves.

The best time to discover an attack is before it takes place. But is that even possible? And what does it have to do with storage monitoring?

Ransomware typically follows a pattern of growth visible within storage data:

  • Are any arrays seeing a spike in workload?
  • If so, is the spike isolated to a few LUNs?
  • Does the workload remain high over time?
  • If so, is the growth starting to spread to other LUNs?

Because they use Visual One Intelligence™ for storage visibility, this company was surprised one morning to receive an email alert notifying them that early warning signs of potential ransomware were detected.

New data showed a sudden workload spike (isolated to a few LUNs) that was remaining high without explanation – the first three warning signs of ransomware.

The company was unaware of this activity and did not know what was causing the spike. As a result, they opened an immediate investigation.

Storage Security Features
In addition to monitoring performance trends for security anomalies, Visual One also integrates with Active Directory.

Fortunately, the investigation revealed the source of the workload spike to be the result of a software installation error.

However, they were alarmed to learn that they would not have noticed the warning signs under their internal monitoring processes. As a result, relying on Visual One Intelligence’s monitoring – including their user access auditing tool – became a significant part of their storage and security strategy.

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Hidden Signs of Ransomware Detected with Predictive Monitoring

Hidden Signs of Potential Ransomware Detected

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