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Storage Chargeback and Showback Reporting

Apr 04, 2019

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With the ability to implement reporting features like chargeback/showback, clients can understand and communicate:

  • How much storage Each Business Application is consuming on their storage
  • Who is contributing to the storage consumption growth
  • Is the right storage being used by each business application

Our clients have expressed that having this information available at their fingertips is extremely  valuable in managing storage, compute and network growth.

How do I implement a system where I can see and track this data that does not require constant manual updates? Do I have to purchase a complex product that requires me to dedicate people just to the care and feeding of that product?  Visual Storage intelligence (Visual One) provides these insights without the manual efforts and complexity. Visual One makes the Business Unit assignment simple, automates the data collection, business unit reporting and forecasting – with no human intervention!   These reports and detailed analytics are made available on demand in PDF format or through online viewing on your web browser.