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Visual Storage Intelligence® is Now Visual One Intelligence™, Adds New Products for Cloud Monitoring & Hybrid Observability  

Nov 08, 2023

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Visual One enters Infrastructure Monitoring and Cloud Cost Optimization markets to provide actionable insights for risk reduction and cost optimization to hybrid-infrastructure clients.  

Dallas, Texas – [November 7, 2023] – Visual One Intelligence™, formerly known as Visual Storage Intelligence®, is rebranding with a new name and new product offerings, significantly broadening their solutions portfolio from storage resource management to comprehensive infrastructure monitoring & optimization in hybrid, cloud, virtual, and hyperconverged infrastructures. 

Visual One Intelligence surfaces interpretive insights and actionable recommendations for IT infrastructure and FinOps professionals to identify and prevent risks, understand and remediate existing problems, enhance operational efficiency, and optimize asset ROI. 

By consolidating independent data elements into unified metrics, Visual One’s platform correlates and interprets hybrid infrastructure data through easy-to-use visual analysis and AIOps reporting.   

“Most estimates indicate over 80% of enterprise infrastructures are now spread across a combination of on-prem, cloud, and virtual resources,” said Phil Godwin, President & COO of Visual One Intelligence

“We want to be a leading source for infrastructure teams looking to improve efficiency, ROI, and overall performance. That means evolving beyond our origins in storage, and I believe our new name and products reflect that evolution.” 

Visual One Intelligence Now Offers a Full Suite of Products

While Visual One Intelligence has always been a single-suite solution, some customers prefer a more tailored approach. That’s why the company’s newest version segments the tool into separate infrastructure categories: 

  • Visual Storage Intelligence® – Centralize control of storage assets with granular details consolidated into rolled-up insights that prevent risks and promote efficiency.  
  • Visual Cloud Intelligence Resolve cloud waste by tracking spending, forecasting growth, and optimizing cloud usage efficiency and ROI.  
  • Visual VM IntelligenceMaximize compute architecture with single-click reports highlighting opportunities to improve efficiency, performance, and spending in VMware and compute environments. 
  • Visual SAN IntelligenceTrace SAN fabric connections with mapping and monitoring that enhances, protects, and projects switch & host performance. 
  • Visual File IntelligenceDetangle unstructured data with file analysis that pinpoints opportunities for migrating data and archiving within regulatory constraints.  
  • Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS)Accelerate asset ROI with capacity planning consulting designed to right-size your workloads, budgets, and SLAs. 

All products (except CPaaS) are already included in the full Visual One Intelligence suite, which remains the best value at one low and simple unit price for all features.

With Visual One’s new platform, new and enhanced capabilities include: 

  • Cloud forecasting and capacity planning functions that make it easy to find and resolve wasted resources and escalating costs. 
  • Cost metrics that identify dollar-for-dollar savings (or waste) expected to occur when migrating workload (whether on-prem, virtual, or cloud). 
  • Expanded VMware reporting features designed for customers who are considering migrating to or from VMware or who are adding compute vendors / hyperconverged infrastructures. 
  • ServiceNow integration that lets customers begin addressing any alert with a single click. 
  • Ability for users to create customized reports and summary views to share inter-departmentally and with leadership teams. 

Newly Enhanced Industry-Leading Solutions Suite 

Recognized as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America in 2023 (and a top-100 fastest-growing IT services company), today’s announcement is a significant milestone in the accelerated growth of Visual One Intelligence.   

With new infrastructure reporting capabilities and options to subscribe to either individualized product offerings or an all-inclusive suite, infrastructure teams can now dig deeper into cloud, storage, virtualization, SAN switch, unstructured data, and backup environments.

“Monitoring is only the first step in maintaining an effective infrastructure” said CTO Van Symons. “Our customers say they need better insights than just real time alerts. With clost costs often doubling or tripling what organizations plan for, IT Ops teams need optimization tools that will help them plan for the future and contain costs.”

“We really take to heart what we hear from our clients,” said Symons, “and we knew we could step up and confront challenges like these.”

Charting New Paths for Cutting-Edge Infrastructure Models 

Runaway cloud costs are a harbinger of changing priorities within enterprise infrastructure management. While consumption-based, pay-as-you-go (OpEx) pricing is standard for cloud and compute contracts, it is also increasingly replacing CapEx spending models for on-prem storage. 

“Most IT clients’ mission and business-critical application infrastructure remains on-premises. IT concerns about loss of infrastructure decision control, escalating cloud costs and increased operational complexity have created demand for on-premises as a service infrastructure consumption model,” say Gartner analysts Jeff Vogel, Tony Harvey, and Tim Zimmerman in the 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Infrastructure Consumption Services (ICS).*

The combination of exponential data growth and subscription-based storage pricing quickly adds up to budget overruns and inefficiencies, both in the cloud and on-prem.

For IT leaders, the best solution is infrastructure monitoring & cost management tools that can instantly identify both risks and opportunities – much like Visual One Intelligence.

Visual One Intelligence’s™ suite of solutions is just that kind of tool, designed to help both IT teams and ICS / IaaS / STaaS managed service providers better leverage their infrastructure SLAs while filling the observability gaps that are inherent in hybrid cloud environments.

Building on Past Success

Even before today’s expanded functionality, Visual One Intelligence has helped mid-size and enterprise customers avoid data migration failures, prevent $1.5 million in unnecessary storage purchases, reduce yearly capacity-related service tickets by over 98%, spot potential ransomware for further investigation, and reduce capacity planning reporting time by 50% (saving one FTE). 

“Infrastructure is always evolving, and we will evolve with it,” said Director of Technical Operations Jeff Symons. “With endless observability tools on the market, Visual One Intelligence aims to be the only tool you need for impactful insights across your hybrid infrastructure stack.” 

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About Visual One Intelligence™ 
Visual One Intelligence is a suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and services tailored to help IT Infrastructure and FinOps professionals maintain and optimize cloud, compute, and storage environments. By consolidating independent data elements into unified metrics, they surface actionable insights through easy-to-interpret visual analysis.  

Relied on by Fortune 500s including airlines, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, and beyond, Visual One Intelligence simplifies infrastructure management by illuminating cost-saving and operations-sustaining details that often stay hidden.  

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