Visual One Capacity Planning In Action

Storage Capacity Planning

Monitor growth, predict capacity & performance trends, anticipate potential issues, and align costs with utilization – whether your devices are physical, virtual, or in the cloud. Read more below.

Forecast Capacity & Performance

Make financially savvy decisions about your cloud contracts and device workloads thanks to capacity planning and performance management – at a fraction of the cost of most enterprise tools. Our forecasting, modeling, and trending abilities will help you outline your storage future.

Spend Less, Save More

Budget with Accuracy & Avoid Surprises

Use distinct modeling styles to evaluate past trends and confidently predict future device growth and performance.

Know months in advance when you’ll need additional storage space, and monitor for performance changes and outliers.

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Prevent Outages and Performance Problems

Receive alerts for devices approaching or surpassing customized capacity thresholds.

Prevent memory shortages, slowdowns, and more thanks to best practices monitoring, daily health reports, and weekly efficiency reports emailed directly to your inbox.

VM Capacity Score and Costs Over Time

Reduce Hybrid Cloud Costs and Score VMs

Limit spending and gauge capacity health with proprietary capacity scores and cost metrics for each individual virtual machine.

See days remaining until a cluster reaches capacity, and right-size VMs with placement recommendations.

Get started with capacity planning as a service

Take the Pressure Off with Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS)

Take the burden off your team’s shoulders and let us monitor your capacity and performance for you. This add-on service introduces the dedicated attention & availability of a personal analyst to make optimization recommendations and provide comprehensive reporting.


Download Solution Briefing: “5 Capacity Planning Challenges Visual One Intelligence Solves for IT Directors & Architects.”

The capacity management capabilities of Visual One Intelligence were exceptional and enabled customers to substantially reduce storage infrastructure costs by accurately pre-planning growth requirements.

— Enterprise Management Associates,
EMA Radar for Storage Intelligence


Capacity Planning Case Studies

Capacity Planning Automation Reduced Our Reporting Time by 50%

“Including the efforts needed to maintain our prior tool’s infrastructure, we saved an entire FTE – plus significant cost savings between the tools.”

Capacity Planner | Fortune 500 Financial Institution

Detailed capacity planning

Detailed Capacity Planning Prevented a $1M Purchase

Most capacity planning is done at the device level. But sometimes there are warning signs hiding under the surface. This company used Visual One Intelligence™ to look deeper and avoid a major problem.

Fortune 500 Transportation Company

3 Most Common Capacity Planning Mistakes

There are 3 common mistakes we see tons of enterprise IT storage teams make when doing capacity planning. But they can easily be avoided – IF you know what they are.

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