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2021 Enterprise IT Transformation: Storage Insights Improve IT ROI

Mar 04, 2021

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Is your business operating reactively or proactively? Unfortunately, most companies fall into a pattern of operating reactively. This is a problem not only because anytime you make reactive decisions, but it also costs you more money, but constantly operating in a reactive atmosphere ultimately hinders your company’s progress. A reactive approach stunts growth, limits innovation, and keeps employees from working on more beneficial tasks. Find out how storage insights can bring you from a reactive to a proactive approach.

Going into 2021, businesses have discovered how dependent they are on both remote work and also on their infrastructure. They are looking inward, focusing on how they are spending their capital, cognizant of how revenue streams have been impacted due to the pandemic. In order to improve ROI and adopt a more proactive system, IT leaders need smart tools that are easy to use. Visual One helps IT leaders by delivering transparency across your storage environment and uncovering opportunities for operational efficiencies. Discover how storage insights improve IT ROI.

Superior Strategic Planning

Maximization of IT resources directly impacts every other aspect of a business because IT affects how every other department operates. Through strategic planning, IT leaders can optimize resources and drive business-transforming infrastructure decisions.

While practicing patient care, a healthcare provider might need access to study documents. These kinds of documents are not only stored for long periods of time but also need to be readily available. IT leaders need to know the best placement for these kinds of documents to allow healthcare providers to quickly and easily access the information they need.

All too often, IT leaders are asked to make these kinds of strategic infrastructure decisions without easy access to critical and reliable data. The kind of inefficient and timely processes that are a bane to IT leaders not only yield unreliable data but also lead to frustration and vulnerability.  Visual One helps IT leaders by providing the storage insights they need to plan ahead, forecast precise outcomes, and bring sound strategic recommendations.

Improved Cost Containment

How could storage transparency improve patient care? In the healthcare field, it would be expected that the primary focus of spending should be patient care related. Through storage transparency, IT leaders can uncover amazing cost savings while also building a streamlined infrastructure team focused on the most cost-effective tasks.

Many organizations are working with a smaller staff, and IT teams are finding themselves with less bandwidth to operate overly complex tools. Frequently, these tools need a dedicated person who is an expert with that one tool, and any time information is needed from the tool, it has to be filtered through that one person. In the end, these types of tools end up wasting time and increasing inefficiency.

Businesses no longer have time for that kind of friction. As they seek to reduce costs, they are also looking to move faster and become more nimble. Instead, businesses need tools that provide immediate response for them to quickly make tactical decisions. IT leaders need increased efficiency, IT cost savings, and infrastructure scalability; that can happen through better storage insights with Visual One. When you partner with Visual One, you’ll receive storage transparency at your fingertips from day one.

Greater Capacity Planning

Extend the storage environment that you have through data-driven insights into performance, capacity, and utilization. No matter the outside environment, storage needs continue to grow. But with storage transparency across tools and systems, IT leaders can better maximize their current environment and plan ahead for future storage purchases.

IT leaders may expect that their storage environment behaves in a certain manner, but they need confirmation before making infrastructure decisions. Visual One allows IT teams to test their assumptions against what is actually happening in the storage environment.

Visual One believes IT executives should be armed with efficient and reliable tools that enable transparency and storage confidence, which is why we provide IT leaders with cohesive data delivered in a single pane view. These essential insights are delivered in minutes rather than days, weeks, or longer. With the right tools and transparency, IT leaders have an opportunity to improve ROI and be the strategic IT decision-makers they were hired to be. Schedule a demo to talk to a Visual One storage expert.

Key Takeaways

  • Businesses need tools that provide immediate response for them to quickly make tactical decisions.
  • Storage transparency allows IT leaders to uncover amazing cost savings.
  • Through strategic planning, IT leaders can optimize resources.
  • Maximization of IT resources directly impacts every other aspect of a business.
  • Visual One brings IT leaders a storage management solution that can deliver essential insights needed in minutes rather than days.