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IT Budgeting: Decrease Your Storage Management Tools Costs by Over 50%

Feb 02, 2021

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Storage management has always been a challenging task. Unfortunately, with the speed of unstructured data growth, that challenge just keeps on getting harder and more expensive. As an IT leader, you’re responsible for making sound strategic decisions and ensuring an efficient IT infrastructure. Storage must be managed like a resource, with the best tools, at the best price to manage it. Make sure you have a strategy in place to get the most value from your data storage infrastructure. Visual One provides IT leaders with the data transparency they need to improve operations and eliminate waste. When IT budgeting and before you renew your next maintenance agreement, make sure you know how you could be saving 50% or more. See how adding Visual One gives you a better, more complete view of your environment and saves you money.

Saving on Maintenance Renewal

Is your warranty about to expire? Don’t pay more than you need to. Similar to a new car purchase, when your company buys storage, servers, or networks from a manufacturer, they come with a manufacturer’s warranty. And just like the warranty that came with your new car, after a specified period of time following your purchase, that warranty is going to expire.

When your warranty is coming to an end, your company has a few options:

  • Refresh the environment and purchase new
  • Extend the warranty through the manufacturer
  • Do nothing and let the warranty expire

Of course, letting the warranty expire is potentially a risk to your business, but both new purchases and extending the warranty through the manufacturer are typically very expensive. Thankfully there is another option, go with a third-party maintenance company. On the plus side, this third-party company is generally at least 50 percent less in maintenance renewal costs, if not more. On the other side, when you move away from the manufacturer, a company often loses much of the reporting capabilities for their storage environment. That’s where Visual One comes in.

Adding Visual One to the equation means that a company is getting even greater features with their reporting while still saving a substantial amount of money. The combination of a third party company with Visual One will still save your business 50 percent or more on maintenance renewal over the cost from the manufacturer.

IT Budgeting Through Better Visibility of Your Environment

Sometimes IT budgeting is all about perspective. Saving on physical storage isn’t the only way to decrease your storage management costs. A mechanic at a car dealership is never going to tell you that you could get a better part for a better price somewhere else. They are always going to paint their products in the best possible light. Similarly, OCI, Virtana, EMC are always going to point you towards their own product. When a manufacturer makes the tools, they are going to push you towards what they want you to see. Often, that will mean buying more storage or purchasing new upgrades.

Visual One is different. Visual One believes that IT executives should be equipped with efficient and reliable tools that enable data transparency. Instead of rushing you to buy more storage, better data transparency with Visual One might look like an alert pointing you towards an area where storage could be freed up to avoid an unnecessary purchase. Visual One simplifies your storage management process. By organizing independent data elements into a unified, visual analysis across your multi-vendor storage environment, IT leaders have access to cohesive, reliable data and insights in a single pane view.

Saving Through Competition

Every manufacturer is going to make their products look great. So how do you know which product is really working better and more efficiently for your business? Put two vendors up against each other, and get some truly competitive quotes with Visual One. By providing a complete view across a multi-vendor storage environment, Visual One aids your IT budgeting by letting you put two different manufactures in your environment that still gives you a unified, visual analysis.  

IT leaders are familiar with the concept of doing more with less and avoiding wasteful spending wherever possible. Don’t let storage maintenance and storage management tools cost more than they should. Visual One understands the need for data transparency and the monetary waste, frustration, and vulnerability that occurs without reliable, real-time data. Visual One equips IT leaders with storage reporting and analytics through a single pane of glass, easily turning data insights into opportunities. Schedule a demo to talk to a Visual One data expert.

Key Takeaways

  • Visual One will save your business 50 percent or more on maintenance renewal over the cost from the manufacturer.
  • Adding Visual One when IT budgeting gives you a better, more complete view of your environment.
  • Visual One simplifies your storage management process.
  • Visual One equips IT leaders with storage reporting and analytics through a single pane of glass, turning data insights into opportunities.