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Visual One Intelligence Named a Finalist for 2023 SDC Awards

Oct 11, 2023

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For the fourth consecutive year, Visual One Intelligence™ has been named a finalist in the 2023 Storage, Digitalisation & Cloud (SDC) Awards.

The 14th annual SDC Awards features finalist nominations for Visual One Intelligence™ in the categories of Storage Management Innovation of the Year (vote here) and IT Operations & Management Innovation of the Year (vote here). Anyone with a business email address can vote for all categories until November 10, 2023.

A premiere IT standard-bearer in international markets, the SDC Awards honor the best and brightest among infrastructure IT companies.

With past winners including Pure Storage, Infinidat, and other prominent storage industry names, these highly sought-after awards offer a window into the latest developments in enterprise IT services.

A Year of Infrastructure Management Innovation

Unlike in the past, when IT managers lacked visibility into their data, today’s teams risk having too much observability. With so many tools providing so many metrics about so much data, every corner of infrastructure environments is technically accessible – if you know where (and when) to look.

Ultimately, an overabundance of visibility repeats the same problem: the most important details that make or break smooth IT operations remain hidden.

Visual One Intelligence™ changes the game. Instead of simply giving IT teams eyes into their data environments, we shine a spotlight on the things that matter. After collecting data from across your infrastructure, Visual One Intelligence™ automatically sorts and interprets it for you.

Surfacing critical insights through reports, forecasts, alerts, and consolidated metrics, our “intelligent observability” has saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars by preventing unexpected outages, solving misconfigurations and performance issues, optimizing wasted resources, improving asset ROI, and more.

Consolidating Hybrid-Platform Environments on a Single Screen

One of Visual One Intelligence’s® biggest differentiators is that it correlates data from across platforms and vendors.

“This product allows you to view multiple storage vendors in one dashboard,” said one client. Unlike tools that limit their reporting to one platform at a time, Visual One Intelligence™ is a “one-stop interface for Capacity, Performance, & Configuration information for all storage technology makes and models, including compute perspectives from VMware and HCI platforms.”

For IT teams working across on-prem, compute, and cloud instances, this kind of centralization is rare and essential.

For example, users can directly evaluate VM and cluster capacities, utilization, and costs with custom-built metrics that stretch across their compute, on-prem, and cloud workloads. When IT directors need to make decisions about optimizing costs – ie: whether or not to migrate certain workloads to the cloud, how to improve ROI on expensive storage assets and virtualization contracts, etc. – they can find instant answers using Visual One Intelligence™.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

On any given day, enterprise infrastructures experience countless alerts, warnings, trend shifts, configuration changes, etc. Finding the ones that really matter for identifying imminent problems or optimization opportunities is like searching for a needle in the haystack.

Visual One Intelligence™ spots that “needle data” – the most important changes and alerts in your environment – and brings it to users in automated weekly efficiency reports delivered via email. Without even logging into the tool, users can identify difference-making intelligence over their morning cup of coffee and plan their workweek accordingly. Compare that with the old way of doing things: spending all week chasing down support tickets and sifting through endless data.

These weekly efficiency reports recently helped one client avoid two unplanned outages by surfacing changes in data reduction and device misconfigurations that could have resulted in trouble if ignored. Similar intelligence about suddenly high latencies or workload changes have helped clients fix device performance and even guard against potential ransomware.

Another client avoided disaster after discovering in a weekly report that the planned migration would have failed due to placement and configuration limitations. Even workload trend highlights & placement recommendations have helped clients avoid expensive storage purchases by repurposing wasted space and reallocating workloads – all highlighted in weekly email reports.

That’s not your standard observability that’s intelligent observability.

Standing Apart with Flexibility & Simplicity

For customers, Visual One Intelligence’s® dynamic size adds responsiveness and flexibility that stands apart from other vendors. In the words of one 2023 client review, Visual One Intelligence™ “shows commitment to their customer\’s success by working with them in real-time to customize and enhance their tool to fit the needs of an organization.”

Even our pricing is simpler: one unit price per PB of storage for our entire suite of cross-platform functionality.

Our mission to make enterprise storage more manageable and efficient for everyone is making waves, as evidenced by Visual One Intelligence’s® placement on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies.

In today’s sprawling and complex IT environments, innovations shouldn’t make things more complicated. By simplifying data management and optimization for enterprise organizations and their hard-working staff, Visual One Intelligence™ is innovating a new way of doing business – one that lets operations teams spend their time making decisions and improving outcomes because they already have the data and insights they depend on.

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