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The Untold Problem with IT Management

Mar 13, 2020

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Managing an Information Technology department consists of two things, managing people and equipment. The best managers are those that provide guidance and knowledge that empowers their people to make decisions. There was a company who developed a tool in house specifically to manage their storage environment. They ran into an issue that many IT departments deal with and it had nothing to do with their technology – the person who built and managed the tool left the company.

One of the understated issues (or threats if we were doing a SWOT analysis) that comes with managing IT, and in this particular case storage environments is employee turnover. Very often when an employee moves on, they take with them an understanding and knowledge of how your storage environments operates the way in which they manage it.  This change can cause a domino effect of shuffling of tasks and issues that could majorly impact your business. The solution that can help solve this is Visual One Intelligence (Visual One).

You may be wondering why Visual One can help with the problem of employee turnover. Visual One is our SRMaaS offering that is able to monitor your entire storage environment in one tool. So what benefit will that do for you and your team? Your team will not need any additional training and there will be no performance impact. Visual One is more automated than Excel and less complicated than SRM. Visual One provides all the data that your team needs to make decisions allowing the data to be manipulated in a way that makes sense for every user. Visual One gives you the entire picture by providing enterprise data such as capacity, utilization, and performance, etc while also allowing to get more granular and inspect data by Business Unit, time period, or data center. This means your team has all it actionable intelligence in one place. So, if a member of your team moves to a different company that knowledge does not go with them. You will easily be able to hire and plug in a new member who will be able to pick up where the last person left off without a drop off of knowledge.

There once was a teacher of mine who I would get help from after class. After helping me better understand the lesson or problem I was having he would always say, “I didn’t solve the problem for you, I simply provided you all the information and you came up with the answer yourself”. That is what we do with Visual One Intelligence, provide you all the information and allow you to come up with the answers yourself. Visual One is able to be the consistent member of your team that provides the information that allows your team from the 10 year vet to the new hire solve the issue. Consistency is key and that is where Visual One does not fail. Contact us today to see how Visual One can help your team!