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[RECAP] AI Hackathon 2020 Semi-final

Feb 18, 2020

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In our semi-final round the remaining five teams presented their business case for their proposed AI solution. The five teams were comprised of 2 from Southern Methodist University and 3 from University of Texas-Dallas.

The teams were judged on the following criteria:

  • Would the solution automate the email process?
  • Does the solution bring added value to the current process internally as well as for clients? (i.e. new features)
  • Is there a clear path defined for implementing the solution?
  • Does the solution usefully integrate AI/ML?
  • What would be the capital requirements and technological resources needed to implement the solution?
  • Plus, additional criteria

The teams were beyond impressive with their well thought out presentations. This lead the judges to amend the rules. It was initially decided that there were going to be only two finalists but after the presentations an additional team was voted into the finals which will occur on February 22. The three final teams will be vying for the grand prize, $2,000. Teams will have a week to improve their presentation, as well as, develop and demo their proposed solution. Check back next week for the latest to find out who is the inaugural winner from our first ever Hackathon!