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Navigating Visual One V5

Apr 25, 2019

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First remember that while Visual One 5.0 is released and available, the plan is to keep Visual One 4.0 up and accessible through year-end to allow everyone time to become familiar with the new interface as well as complete any necessary training.

The first thing you will notice is the general interface looks similar to V4 with the following exceptions: the navigation tree structure has been replaced with advanced search and filtering capabilities on the all devices screen. The intent of removing this area was to increase the screen size on order to be able to view more data on a single screen.  This allows customers to see on a single screen what might have required 2 or 3 screens previously – improving your productivity and enhancing the decision-making process.

There are dashboards for everything – not just Storage.  Since we are collecting data from a variety of devices, type of device has its own dashboard, trend charts and detailed analysis for that specific device.  This support also includes data integration across devices on a single screen.  These data integration screens can be used to track performance as well as error trends both on the device and on the interfaces that connect devices to one another.  This feature allows clients to avoid potential issues as well as resolve issues when they do arise quickly – taking hours of analysis into seconds. (see article on Visual One Beyond Storage)

Rich File analysis is a third major focus on V5 – support file analysis at both the file level and the share level.  This feature provides the ability to see both what data is being accessed as well as what is not, and tracking these trends over time provides easy decision making.  Unstructured data is the fastest growing part of the data storage market providing insight into what, where and who is causing the growth allows Visual One users to make choices about what to store online and where to store it – meaning optimization of storage utilization and IT spend.

In short, Visual One positions our clients to be able to track and maintain their data center devices in a simple, low cost, and easy to maintain solution by collecting and integrating data across all infrastructure devices and making this all available via a simple web browser interface.