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EMC XTREMIO Reporting and Analytics

May 07, 2019

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On-Prem Storage

EMC XTREMIO storage arrays are one of many new “All Flash” Storage arrays in the marketplace with compression and deduplication built into the product.  This means clients can buy 20TB of storage, but actually store 80TB of data because of these space reduction technologies.

Clients love these arrays because they can improve the cost effectiveness of all flash storage. EMC XTREMIO Storage environments deliver:

  • Excellent sustained performance
  • Excellent compression and deduplication services
  • Simplistic set up and run

While these arrays are simple to implement and simple to manage at an operational level, there are some unique features of these arrays that can cause management related issues if not properly maintained.

So, what are those unique features and what issues do customers need to be aware of?  EMC XTREMIO Storage arrays are “variable capacity arrays” which means the overall capacity of any array can, and often does, change over time.

For example:

Raw Storage:               10 TB

Effective Storage:       40 TB

The challenge with this environment is NOT managing to the effective capacity – it is the fact that “effective capacity” changes over time.  This may not sound so difficult, but when your effective capacity changes by 20% over a 1-2 week period, this can create a variety of unexpected and sometimes even “emergency” events.

The advanced software capabilities provided by EMC XTREMIO storage requires advanced analytics to meet customer’s needs in capacity, performance and business application planning.  Visual Storage intelligence provides specific features to meet each of these needs from a simple browser interface, providing alerts when needed and on-demand to ensure clients are able to meet their capacity planning needs, performance expectations and business application showback/chargeback requirements.