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Don’t Let Data Storage Issues Stall Digital Transformation Efforts

Feb 19, 2020

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Data is growing faster than ever before and storage capabilities are struggling to keep up with this exponential growth. Organizational leaders are reassessing their data storage approaches and strategies, fearing that data growth may cause storage issues that will stall digital transformation initiatives. They’re also worried that storage costs will rise dramatically as capacity requirements increase. Companies need to simplify their storage management processes and reduce expenses, while boosting collaboration, innovation and flexibility. This can not be done with traditional approcaches to IT.

More than 1,200 global IT decision-makers took part in a recent survey from SUSE. Here is what they found.

  • 60% said the scrutiny of data storage spend has increased in their organization over the past two years
  • 68% reported a lack of agility or ability to support business changes and innovation
  • 96% would like to increase business scalability
  • 95% would like to boost time, performance, technical and cost scalability

We can help combat these concerns. Visual One Intelligence(Visual One) enables organizations to easily assess performance, capacity, and overall health and utilization through automated data collection, analytics and reporting. The performance trending and application reporting features readily available in Visual One provide a visual that allows you to quickly analyze your storage and applications, identify any issues or unexpected changes, and assess if standards are being met based on best practices and business requirements. It will also scale and adapt to your changing environment.

If you’d like to know more about how Visual One works along with your unique environment, request a one on one demo.

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