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Are you left or right brained? What if you could be both? Thats Visual One.

Nov 06, 2019

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On-Prem Storage

Have you heard about the theory of left brain vs. right brain? The theory states that many of us have a naturally dominate side of our brain. Left brain dominant people are very analytical, logical, they think rationally, they are big on reasoning, and interested in clear results. Your left side of the brain is very black and white thinking. Those who have right side dominant thinking are creative, they have big imaginations, driven by emotions, they are very intuitive, and are often your big picture thinkers. The right side of the brain is your colorful thinking. Now the even bigger question is, what does this have to do with your storage?

Quite a bit actually, especially when it comes to the management of your storage. Most storage management tools are black and white. One of the most popular tools for managing storage as we all know is, Microsoft Excel. Aside from the fact that it is literally in black and white, there is a crutch with excel, the fact that it is still dependent on you to deduce and find the root cause of a problem. While it is relatively free, there is a huge amount of complexity and time that is required to uncover the root cause. Your employees are spending the majority of their time uncovering the problem and less of the time actually fixing the problem, which is hindering their productivity. That hindrance is keeping them from getting to the problems that are able to truly make a difference for your organization and bottom line. That may cause you to think well traditional SRM tools are much better than that right? No, they aren’t.

Traditional SRM tools are developed by manufacturers, so you’d think they would be the gold standard for analytics. They do offer good analytics, the issue comes with the fact that those tools only offer analytics on their own storage arrays, and so they are limiting in that sense. Most storage environments are made up of close to minimum three different storage manufacturers meaning, in this example, your team is now using three tools to manage your storage environment. They all have their own language and way of reporting and managing that takes up your team’s time. There is also the dirty secret of how manufacturers are not giving you all the data on their arrays that your team needs to properly manage them. As an executive, you need a tool that juggles your needs with that of making your team more productive at the same time. The tool needs to not only gives you the black and white data your team requires, but the color aka big picture view of your ENTIRE environment to allow you to make decisions.

Visual One Intelligence gives an executive the big picture view of their storage environment by providing the information that allows them to maintain control of their environment, resources, and money. Our tool is built directly from client feedback. Visual One gives you the black and white data you require and displays this information in a graphical format that makes decision making simpler, while still being grounded in fact. Executives can also be secure in the fact that the tool will not only benefit them, but their team will spend less time finding the problem and more time solving the issue. Visual One displays data from the client’s point of view, meaning the data is provided in a way that gives you the big picture to not only mange your storage but plan your storage future in a way that enables executives to hold not only their team accountable but their business partner accountable by only purchasing the storage you truly need and reclaiming your unused storage space.