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A More Enticing Storage Management Solution

Nov 17, 2020

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Filling up on wholesome, flavorful foods and beverages is a satisfying experience. Watching your data storage fill up is a crummy experience. When your organization has a large IT infrastructure spread across multiple data centers around the world, IT leaders can quickly become vulnerable to costly infrastructure mistakes even when seeking to make strategic infrastructure decisions. When cohesive, reliable data is not available, you’re pushed to be more reactive, and that’s when wasteful decision-making happens. Don’t get burned by a lack of data transparency. A better storage management solution, driven by AI and paired with seasoned data consultants, is the recipe for success.

Fill Up On Insights, Not Storage

With a growing number of organizations facing complex, geographically scattered infrastructures, IT leaders are increasingly struggling to acquire cohesive, reliable insights for their companies. This all too common problem was facing one of the nation’s leading food and beverage companies, producing a full line of dairy and soy products.

A company that strives to fill people up on life, through the milk they drink to ice cream fit for special celebrations, was facing the problem of filling up their storage environment. Their particularly large IT infrastructure is spread across five main data centers in the United States. This complex, widely distributed network often meant that critical data was hidden within the silos. Trying to muddle through with disparate tools and inefficient processes was only yielding unreliable information. They needed a solution that could provide them with more visibility into their data management across the enterprise.

Their Vice President of IT Infrastructure said, “One of our challenges with our large and diverse IT Infrastructure was keeping track of our storage environment. Knowing which servers were using which portions of our Tier 1/Tier 2 storage, where our free space existed and making sure all of our SAN and NAS devices were being used properly was a very complex and manual task, which was error-prone and impossible to keep up with. Not only was this a difficult task for our storage administrators, but management did not have the information to make our business decisions.”

The Data Analysis Needed To Be Your Best

A company that gives people the natural fuel they need to be at their very best, needs the very best data analysis to make the strategic decisions required to scale and ensure an efficiently running infrastructure.

Working with Visual One helped them to leverage their existing environment without requiring any additional tools or products to install. Visual One brings IT leaders across all industries an agnostic storage management solution that delivers superior data confidence without burdening teams with learning new systems or protocols. That means that IT leaders and teams have the essential insights they need in minutes rather than days.

In addition to efficiency and better visibility, Visual One data consultants provide weekly reports and insights showing exactly what the status of their storage arrays are, flagging potential issues before they occur, enabling more uptime and mitigating “fire drills,” which servers are using which storage, and where potential issues may be. With better insight, IT leaders can plan ahead, forecast precise outcomes, track growth trends, and improve budgeting accuracy.

We know that IT leaders have their plates full. That’s why at Visual One, we believe IT executives should be armed with efficient tools that enable data transparency. See for yourself how partnering with Visual One means better infrastructure planning and better strategic planning. With our initial call, we’ll plan for a proof of concept that will uncover issues, that when addressed means immediate cost savings. Schedule a demo to talk to a Visual One data expert.

Key Takeaways

  • With more data than ever, IT leaders struggle to acquire cohesive, reliable data for their companies.
  • Complex, widely distributed networks often mean that critical and reliable data is hidden within the silos of various systems.
  • In order to make strategic infrastructure decisions, IT leaders need the transparency and access to critical and reliable data Visual One’s storage management solution provides.
  • Visual One believes IT executives should be armed with efficient tools that enable data transparency.